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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Coach Dana Holgorsen Announces Coaching Staff Assignments

The staff is still a bit unbalanced toward the defensive side and Holgorsen is looking to hire a Special Teams Coordinator.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

WVU Coach Dana Holgorsen announced the staff assignments for his assistants today. After coaches Tom Bradley (UCLA) and Shannon Dawson (Kentucky) left, plus the addition of Bruce Tall, changes needed to be made. The offensive side of the ball was unchanged with the remaining holdover staff from last season:

  • Ron Crook - Offensive Line
  • Lonnie Galloway - Wide Receivers
  • JaJuan Seider - Running Backs

Coach Holgorsen will assume the duties of the Quarterbacks Coach along with play calling (which he's always done anyway).

Over on the defensive side is where things get changed around a little bit:

  • Tony Gibson - Defensive Coordinator & Linebackers
  • Bruce Tall - Defensive Line (lead assistant)
  • Damon Cogdell - Defensive Line (secondary assistant)
  • Brian Mitchell - Cornerbacks
  • Joe DeForest - Safeties

That still leaves one slot still available to be filled and according to multiple reports, Coach Holgorsen will look to fill that with a coach solely responsible as a Special Teams Coordinator.