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West Virginia Football Recruiting Update (3/23/15)

Despite all eyes being on the West Virginia basketball team, WVU football recruiting is still giving fans something to talk about.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

West Virginia's football staff has been quietly adding to the fold this past week, announcing linebacker Zach Sandwisch as the newest commitment in the Mountaineer class. With all the excitement around the basketball team's NCAA tournament run and now upcoming Sweet Sixteen showdown it was easy to miss Sandwisch's announcement but when it comes time to don the pads, no one will be missing this kid. At 6'3" 220 lbs., Zach is already a load and will only continue to add muscle at the next level. Everything is subject to change but it wouldn't surprise anyone if he continued to line up at middle linebacker for West Virginia, his primary position in high school. He hits with authority, runs through every play, and has great vision when it comes to finding the ball carrier.

Sandwisch is not only the newest commit of the 2016 class, but he also becomes the second highest ranked member as a high three star. His addition is an important one as it keeps the momentum rolling for the staff as they continue to solidify their class early in the 2016 cycle. Adding players now takes off some of the recruiting pressure during the regular season, but it also increases the chances of landing big-time players down the stretch as the staff can concentrate their efforts more extensively. If the staff continues to lock down talent at their current rate, the class should look fairly promising before the start of the 2015-2016 season. Until then congratulations and welcome home Zach Sandwisch.