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Kahlil Lewis, Shaquery Wilson, Jordan Cronkrite Will Not Sign With WVU

The two commits have reportedly signed with Cincinnati and Georgia.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Two of WVU's commitment's have chosen to sign elsewhere:

So much for the Miramar pipeline on that one. Elsewhere:

Wilson was a late flip to WVU from Georgia but parents will always have a say in where their child goes to school and Wilson's dad reportedly didn't like West Virginia.

This happens every year, but with WVU's signing class doing so well, these two could have vaulted WVU into the top 25 (still a shot, I think...I could be wrong), perhaps even the top 20. But it's not to be this season. There are still a couple more possibilities out there, Cronkrite chief among them. Stay tuned folks.

UPDATE: Cronkrite signs with Florida. Now we wait on Jennings: