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LB David Long Is Officially A West Virginia Mountaineer

David Long on signing day gave no surprises to WVU fans, but his career as a Mountaineer certainly could.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

David Long is an outstanding inside linebacker from Cincinnati, OH and a long-time verbal commit of the Mountaineers.  The three star linebacker is only slightly undersized at 5'11", 210 lbs. but he has a real nose for the football on defense.  Long committed to West Virginia in late September and has kept his verbal pledge without any signs of wavering.

David will likely red-shirt to develop with the depth at linebacker, but it would also be easy to see him making a splash on special teams.  He lays the wood like number 8 and at full tilt going down-field he will punish some opponents.  With his hard-nose style of playing he could easily remain a true linebacker, but with his frame the staff may try him at SPUR as well if he has the speed for constant coverage.

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Below are some highlights of his junior and senior seasons in high school.