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Jah'Shaun Seider Officially Joins The Mountaineers

Jah'Shaun Seider signed his letter of intent today to join the West Virginia Mountaineers Offensive Line.

Jah'Shaun Seider officially becomes a Mountaineer
Jah'Shaun Seider officially becomes a Mountaineer
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Jah'Shaun Seider, younger brother of WVU Running Backs Coach JaJaun Seider, signed his letter of intent to become a Mountaineer today. While the family tie may have made WVU an obvious choice, Seider had garnered offers from a laundry list of schools interested in his service. Here's the full list of offers he received:  Bowling Green, Charlotte, Cincinnatti, Florida International, Illinois, Louisville, LSU, Marshall, Middle Tenn. St., Minnesota, Mississippi, South Alabama, South Florida, UAB. That's a pretty impressive list, and should serve to show how lucky WVU is to have snagged this Offensive Lineman.

Seider played Tackle and Guard for Glade Central in Belle Glades, FL. He is a three star recruit by 24/7, Rivals and Scout and is listed at 6'2" 287 lbs.  His older brother, JaJaun, was his primary recruiter.

Welcome home, Mr. Seider!  We're glad to have you as a Mountaineer.

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Here are some highlight videos showcasing Jah'Shaun's talents on the football field: