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West Virginia Basketball Controls Its Own Destiny In Quest For Big 12 Championship

Thanks to Baylor beating Iowa State last night, WVU can earn at least a share of the Big 12 crown with no more help from the rest of the league.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the Big 12 conference basketball standings as of Thursday, February 26, 2015:

Team Conference Record Overall Record Games Behind
Kansas 11-4 22-6 -
West Virginia 10-5 22-6 1
Iowa State 10-5 20-7 1
Oklahoma 10-5 19-8 1
Baylor 9-6 21-7 2
Oklahoma State 7-8 17-10 4
Kansas State 7-9 14-15 4.5
Texas 6-9 17-11 5
TCU 4-11 17-11 7
Texas Tech 2-14 12-17 9.5

With Baylor defeating Iowa State last night, WVU can claim at least a share of the Big 12 title with no more help over the last three games of the season. Simply put, win out and the Mountaineers are Big 12 champs (at least tied).

Here are the remaining slates (chronologically) for the top five teams with a chance at the title:

  • Kansas - Texas, WVU & Oklahoma
  • WVU - Baylor, Kansas & Oklahoma State
  • Iowa State - Kansas State, Oklahoma & TCU
  • Oklahoma - TCU, Iowa State & Kansas
  • Baylor - WVU, Texas, Texas Tech

A win over Kansas would eliminate the game behind situation and put WVU on the top line (assuming wins in the other two games, which we are only doing for projection purposes for WVU to win the Big 12). WVU would have then beaten Kansas twice giving them both the same league record and WVU up one in the overall record. WVU already has a split on the season with Oklahoma. If the Cyclones win out, it would create another tie at the top. Depending on how the league views tie-breakers, WVU could get the edge over Iowa State in the overall win column or ISU would get the nod for the head-to-head sweep. The latter more likely, but hey...this is the Big 12, "One True Champion," right TCU?

Are we saying this is likely? No. WVU's schedule was completely backloaded this season and these last three games will be tough tests. Is it possible? Absolutely. This team has shown the ability to play with anyone this season at times.

Regardless how this shakes out over the next week or so, WVU is a virtual lock on the NCAAs and this season has been a rousing success for the WVU basketball team.

Who'da thunk it back in October?