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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Recruiting Update 2/2/15

Just a couple brief updates today, but big things continue to happen for the Mountaineers.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Today's updates are going to be short but luckily all pretty darn good. This is the time of year when recruiting tends to start to shift to the current juniors as their cycle begins to heat up, but things are still happening for the Mountaineers and their 2015 commits. There has been a bit of movement in the 2016 ranks, but that can all wait more until after signing day. Right now there is still a lot that could happen on Wednesday for old gold and blue. Jordan Cronkrite is likely the highest ranked prospect still considering the Mountaineers, but there are a few other players still in the mix. Gary Jennings is a name that is on everyone's lips and WVU fans can expect to see Ka'Raun White's name join the fold soon after glowing remarks about his visit this past weekend. Another defensive lineman could be up for grabs though I think Ka'Raun White is the only definite right now.

Still though, with the addition of Shaquery Wilson this past week the coaching staff has continued to find and lock down more offensive to compliment what the class is already bringing to the table. Shaquery Wilson is a bigger body at WR/CB, listed anywhere between 6'1"-6'3" and hovering a bit under 200 lbs. Wilson was a longtime commit to UGA and was slated to try his hand at corner-back over there in Athens, but reconsidered his path when the WVU staff made him a bid to play WR, his widely proclaimed favorite position. Wilson brings great size and athleticism to the table and should be considered a big-time flip for the Mountaineers. It will be interesting to see if he can make an immediate impact or not, but regardless he will improve the depth at wide-receiver, a position that is losing a lot of talent this off-season. You can see his junior highlights here and his sophomore highlights here.  Also, have a look how he is going to fit into a Mountaineers uniform (spoiler alert: really well).

All in all, Wilson is a great get for the Mountaineers and should give the program a little extra momentum going into signing day. If a couple more pieces can fall West Virginia's way then this class could have the most potential of any class period, but even if we strike out across the board on the uncommitted guys Wednesday would still be a good day. If the class can all sign and make it on campus, then there is going to be a lot to like about what the staff has done in terms of recruiting.