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Mountaineer Retweet: LOL WE BEAT KANSAS Edition

The Retweet returns from an unplanned, stupid, school related hiatus to delve into the revelry of whatever the hell happened on Monday night.

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(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I sincerely apologize for the Retweet disappearing for a while. The lesson is, as it always is, don't go to law school. All of those columns would have been depressing anyway and you would have hated them. Let's have fun now.)

This was a very legitimate question. I wasn't sure about the answer, either.


Snow is good for really great shots. It also is good for destroying your crowd for giant Big Monday games. I will say this, though, the 7,000 that faced potential death to get to the Coliseum were on point. It was a great small crowd, if a bad one for Stripe the Coliseum purposes.

Seeing this team come out absolutely FIRING was awesome to see after the starts we'd witness in the last couple of weeks.


Setting the tone early and hitting some shots got the aforementioned small crowd into the swing of things and built critical early confidence that we could actually do this basketball thing.

Here's the converse to that. As good as our start was, it could have and should have been more than an 11 point lead at its apex. It was somewhat of a wasted opportunity that's not getting brought up because we won.

When a team like Kansas gives you the chance to put a boot on their throat early, you've gotta take it. If you don't, it'll bite you in the ass and it almost did on Monday night.

I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent here and do some talking about Juwan's draft stock. For him to get anywhere, he NEEDS to start taking and making these open threes. It's something that scouts will notice and get on him about. He has the capacity to make them now, it's a matter of wanting to take them.

Okay, just needed to point that out.

We're also going to take some time to talk about Devin Williams. He took a lot of crap last year and the beginning of this year. It was stupid then and any type of crap he gets is really stupid now.

This kid is going to be a transcendent four year player. He's going to be an unstoppable force of nature next year and especially his senior year. If he continues to develop his jumper, he's going to be Kevin Jones in an NBA body. It's going to be awesome.

Yeah, I'm that high on Devin Williams.


I'm going to have to give a shout out to whatever the hell that Simon Says thing was, though. That was hilarious. He can stay.

The end was a complete Hunger Games ripoff, though.

god i hope some of you were at this game no one's going to get that otherwise

Welp. It was at this point that I started to have flashbacks to literally every game we've lost this year. Sluggish starts in the second half have been our death (when it hasn't been sluggish starts in both halfs) and doing it against Kansas does not bode well.

Our Mountaineers needed a saviour.....

/sharp intake of breath

oh my god

be still my heart

my time has finally come

my masterpiece


Thank you, Smitty,, for getting the assist and tweeting that while my phone was dead at the game.

This game proceeded to go back and forth the rest of the way. Then Jevon happened. Patrick said on Twitter that had the weather been good and the Coliseum had been full, the roof would no longer exist. That was true. The place went ballistic here.

Losing Juwan is going to be tough, but if this season has taught me anything, it's that I'm completely comfortable with Jevon Carter being THE GUY for the next three years. I want the ball in his hands whenever possible the next three years. He's going to make some absolutely huge shots, and to be honest, he already has. He's special.

Before the Juwan moment, this game was setting up as an ALL-TIME loss. Three really stupid trips, down one, that came up with nothing. It was brutal and I wanted to cry. I think this guy in the row in front of us was going to take the bridge.

You draw up this.

West Virginia beat Kansas. West Virginia saved its season. West Virginia should be playing for a tournament seed from here on out, and if you told us that in October, we'd call you crazy.

It's been a hell of a ride with a bunch of new pieces, but this team is way ahead of schedule, plays their ass off every damn game, and is fun.

The schedule is still rough, and maybe this team hits a bad match up in March and goes home early. That doesn't matter right now. Enjoy this win. Maybe it was just the confidence booster this team needed to get its swagger back. Enjoy the ride, and I'll see y'all next week.

Until then, keep tweeting and Let's Go Mountaineers.