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Shane Lyons' Official Statement On Dana Holgorsen's Status As West Virginia Head Coach

West Virginia AD Shane Lyons releases statement confirming earlier reports of Dana Holgorsen remaining the Mountaineers' head coach through 2016.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons just released this official statement regarding the retention of Mountaineer head coach Dana Holgorsen for the 2016 season.

"Dana Holgorsen will return as our head football coach in 2016. After evaluating our football program after the close of the regular season, I believe that continuity is best for our program. I know that Dana, his staff and everyone who supports Mountaineer football was disappointed with how our regular season ended. Dana and I will continue to work together to strengthen our football program. No one wants to win more than Dana and I, and we will work together to ensure success."

The decision to retain Holgorsen through the 2016 season was made earlier this evening according to reports by ESPN's Brett McMurphy. Lyons did not address the current status of Holgorsen's contract with West Virginia University, or whether there has been an extension made. Holgorsen has two years remaining on his current, and is guaranteed his salary for the remainder of the contract if he were to be released by the university.