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Big 12 Updates Its Non-Conference Football Scheduling Requirement For Members

The Big 12 has announced a new scheduling requirement for out of conference games for all of its members.

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The Big 12 has announced it will require Conference football programs to annually play at least one non-conference game against an autonomy conference institution (ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC, plus Notre Dame).

"Schedule strength is a key component in CFP Selection Committee deliberations," commented Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. "This move will strengthen the resumes for all Big 12 teams. Coupled with the nine-game full round robin Conference schedule our teams play, it will not only benefit the teams at the top of our standings each season, but will impact the overall strength of the Conference."

Additionally, no Big 12 program shall play more than one game annually against a non-Football Bowl Subdivision opponent.

This new scheduling requirement does not impact existing non-conference game contracts.

Big 12

The Big 12 has released a new scheduling requirement for its members. Each team is required to schedule at least one Power 5 team or Notre Dame and may have no more than one FCS level team. This requirement will not impact WVU as the Athletic Department has already moved forward with scheduling regional Power 5 rivalries including and other regional Power 5 teams including Missouri and North Carolina State.

See all future out-of-conference opponents here.