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Smoking Musket College Pick 'Em Gauntlet Week Thirteen Results, Plus Staff Predictions For WVU vs Kansas State

Join in on the fun picking the winners one last time for 2015. Overall winner at the end of the year will win a Nike shirt. We also have the staff predictions for this week's WVU vs Kansas State game on Saturday.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Smoking Musket Pick Em Gauntlet is an online college pick 'em game where we will try to pick the winners of the weekly Big 12 contests plus Yahoo! editors' selected games (usually the games involving the top 25 teams). We do pick against the spread (when available). There are usually 20-30 games to pick each week and each correct pick is worth one point. The winner (excluding Musket staff) will be the person at the end of the regular season who has the most correct picks/points. Points are cumulative, so don't worry if you've missed a week or two. We will award the winner a WVU Nike T-shirt at the conclusion of the games in December.

All participants are subject to the Official Rules (PDF document link) as determined by SB Nation.

In the case of a tie at the end, the winner will be determined by who "won" the most weeks, head to head with the other folks tied. Coin flip will be used in case that method not resolving the issue.

Our game, as in the past, will be hosted by Yahoo! Fantasy. GAME LINK

Group Name: The Smoking Musket

Group ID: 8233

Group password: WestByGod

It's the Final Countdown!!! Yes, it's the last week for picks in 2015 (We will have a Bowl Pick 'Em as soon as that game is up).

We have 15 games to pick this week, starting with games at 8 pm ET FRIDAY. Deadline for each pick is 5 minutes before kickoff.

Here are the top performers (top 11 and ties) from week 13. Congratulations to BEJWVU74 for winning week 13 (all you win for this is kudos).

Week 13 2015

Here are the overall standings after 13 weeks:

Standings 13 2015

We will once again also be featuring staff predictions for the weekly WVU game (or game of interest on the off-weeks). Without further adieu (in order of staff ranking, number correct in parentheses):

Mountaineer Chuck (145)

WVU squeaks out a win on the road to complete the regular season ending winning streak.

KSU 27
WVU 34

John Radcliff (143)

Punt to the side they tell you to and we'll be fine.

KSU 13
WVU 27

SmithFire13 (141)

WVUIE97 (129)

I know we've had trouble with the Wizard and his Wildcats in the past and they're fighting for (legitimate) bowl eligibility respectability. I just think this WVU team has a resolve not seen in quite some time.

KSU 20
WVU 22

WVUfanMG (116)

WVU has shown that this team will not fold down the stretch to teams it should beat. While KSU is looking to get bowl eligible (or improve their bowl, who knows in this wacky day and age?), the Mountaineers are out to finish their season strong. Good guys take this one with a strong ground attack.

KSU 17
WVU 35

Abpriddy (115)

WVU has finally hit their stride and will get their first win over the Wildcat Wizard. Run the ball, don't ask much of Skyler Howard through the air and play good defense...the Mountaineer Way.

KSU 13
WVU 30

JP Fanshawe (85)

The Mountaineers take advantage of K State's porous pass defense and Skyler Howard has his best passing game of the year. WVU crests 500 yards of total offense and ends the regular season on a very high note.

KSU 14
WVU 45

Michael Miller (76)

West Virginia has not beat the Kansas State since joining the Big 12 Conference, but the Snydercats aren't the same team we've faced the last 3 seasons. West Virginia rolls here.

KSU 24
WVU 42

whirsch_wvu2014 (76)

The Mountaineers continue impress by finally getting some sweet revenge on a Kansas State team that has had WVU's number since joining the Big 12. Two rushing TD's from Skyler Howard and he also adds 100+ yards on the ground.

KSU 14
WVU 38

WVUNite (58)

Skyler Howard has himself a game. Shelton breaks a long return and Wendell Smallwood rushes for 150 yards and a score. Dana puts pressure on the Wildcats to keep up and they can't.

KSU 20
WVU 35

DE White (53)

The Mountaineers feast on another mediocre team and finally get over the Snyder hump.

KSU 10
WVU 27

Matt Kirchner (34)

In a stunning upset, Matt remembers to do a prediction. The Mountaineers continue to roll through the bottom half of the Big 12, and we finish another game in less than three and a half hours.

KSU 17
WVU 31

sbwvu1 (32)

I want to believe that WVU will continue to roll, but Bill Snyder provides me with the doubt necessary to pick against us.

KSU 21
WVU 17

Dremorgan93 (22)

Bill Snyder has and will continue to outsmart a Holgorsen offense.

WVU 17
KSU 31

Patrick Southern (9)

These teams mirror one another in mindset more than some may realize, but West Virginia has the better athletes on its side. And so the Mountaineers will top K-State for the first time as Big 12 members, finishing the regular season with five consecutive wins and heading into the bowl season with that rarest of feelings around WVU football in recent years: optimism.

KSU 17
WVU 31

Here's where you can make your own predictions: