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The West Virginia Mountaineers Are Living The Low Life

The Mountaineer football team has bought into a movement started by one of their teammates, and it's made an impact on and off the football field.

West Virginia senior wide receiver KJ Myers' impact on this Mountaineer football team isn't always felt on the field, but rather in the locker room. Myers, a graduate student with a B.A. in sociology with a minor in business, brought the Low Life movement to the Mountaineers this season, and his teammates have bought into it.

Low Life, a label that normally has a negative connotation, in this instance stands for Lack Of Worries - Living In Fearless Efforts. Myers developed Low Life after a difficult time in his life, on and off the football field, and credits his personal turnaround to the movement. Several Mountaineers have also bought into the Low Life Culture after seeing how it has impacted Myers' life and their own, and can been seen supporting the movement on game days.

KJ hopes to bring the Low Life Culture to middle schools and high schools across the country after he graduates with his Master's in communication.

Follow the Low Life Culture (@LLCulture) and KJ Myers (@iamlowlifekj) on Twitter, and the Low Life Culture on Instagram to keep up with the movement.