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Huggins On Charleston Civic Center: "I Don't Want To Come Here If We Don't Get A Big Crowd"

Bob Huggins expressed his disappointment in the crowd of just over 8,000 at the Charleston Civic Center. Should West Virginia continue playing games there?

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

West Virginia picked up a victory over an impressive James Madison squad, but head coach Bob Huggins was not impressed with the crowd at the Charleston Civic Center tonight.

This is the worst crowd here in nine years. This was my idea. I wanted to come down here because I know how hard it is to get to Morgantown. I want to come here, but I don't want to come here and not have a good crowd.

Huggs continued that in Morgantown they are now starting to consistently draw 10,000-11,000 fans. In last Friday's season opener against Northern Kentucky, the WVU Coliseum had an attendance of over 10,000. That was only the fourth time in the Coliseum's history that the team drew over 10,000 for a game in November.

The 8,000 (which is roughly 4,000 under capacity) that were there had their moments, but for the most part it seemed the venue was fairly quiet.

West Virginia is scheduled for one more contest at the Civic Center this season, when they take on Marshall on December 17th. That game will be televised by ESPNU.