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The Musket Mailbag Hosts A Motley Crew Of Characters

You won't believe who sent in questions after last week's debut of The Musket Mailbag

The Musket Mailbag

Welcome to the this week's edition of The Musket Mailbag. Let's dive right into it, shall we?

11/11 Mailbag Q1

Smitty: Taking into account the new NCAA rules, Press Virginia will probably only beat the Hokies by 20 this year in Cassell Coliseum. That being said, you probably still won't get fired even after going 2-16 again in the ACC. Next year, however.....

11/11 Mailbag Q2

Michael: Well, since it looks like your old job won't be opening back up this season, I guess we can help you get a little bit closer to home. In all honesty, you'll probably do fine in the ACC and in your division (it's not like you have a history of choking against some of them or anything). Here are the directions to get you where you need to be.

11/11 Mailbag Q3

Smitty: Great question. I believe Wiz's new album comes out next year. Dude, seriously, hitchhike down south to Orlando. UCF will hire anybody at this point.

11/11 Mailbag Q4

Michael: Pawl, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the College Football Playoff rankings, but I have a theory.

You see, Alabama's best win is the 7-1 LSU Tigers. LSU coach Les Miles had a brief cameo in The Blind Side, giving the LSU Tigers +1 Quality point in the eyes of the selection committee. Now, Alabama's worst loss is against the 7-3 Ole Miss Rebels. Ole Miss is coached by Hugh Freeze, who was Michael Oher's high school coach and also had a cameo in The Blind Side. This gives Ole Miss +1 Quality point. Going into the LSU game, Alabama was down a Quality Point because of the loss to Ole Miss. Beating the Tigers brought the Crimson Tide back even in terms of Quality Points. Here's the kicker. Nick Saban, believe it or not, ALSO had a role in The Blind Side. Because of that, Alabama has a built in Quality Point, which qualifies them for the #2 spot at the moment. If Alabama can work out a quick schedule change and replace their game on November 21st against Big South Conference Powerhouse Charleston Southern with the Cincinnati Bearcats, they can pick up the other Quality Point that's left hanging out there by beating Tommy Tuberville.

That also explains why neither undefeated Big 12 team has cracked the selection committee's top 4. When Tommy Tuberville left the Texas Tech Red Raiders with the dinner bill, literally, he took with him the Big 12's one shot at a Quality Point. Therefore the undefeated Baylor Bears and Oklahoma State Cowboys will remain ranked behind Iowa, whose best win is vs. Wisconsin, and the mighty, mighty 8-1 Fighting Irish, whose best win is against the 6-3 USC Trojans.

We'd like to thank everyone for their questions for this edition of The Musket Mailbag, and want to encourage everyone to send in their questions for the future.