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WVU Football: Pain & Sadness Is Everywhere

After starting the season 3-0 by handling what most though were decent programs, the Mountaineers have dropped three straight in Big 12 play.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When the phrase "West Virginia Football" comes to mind, it is extremely difficult to explain the things that come to mind first.

Frustration? Sadness? Anger? Bewilderment?

All of those phrases likely come to mind. There are a lot more that can be brought up as well but for the sake of the fanbases sanity, we'll leave it at the aforementioned and talk about West Virginia using gifs.

This is what we've become.

The Mountaineers were desperate for a win going into it's matchup versus the Baylor Bears in Waco, Texas. It's task was find a way to defeat the most prolific offense in the country and keep hopes alive.

They got handled 61-38.

WVU Football Makes Me Sad

Baylor finished the game with 693 yards in total offense. 389 through the air and 304 on the ground.

There was actually a point in the game where WVU was still in it. They were hanging on by just enough of a thread to give the fans some glimmer of hope. Then the play calling went off the rails. Fourth and six and they utilize a play that has Skyler Howard throwing the ball 46 yards down the field for an attempt at a touchdown. They needed six yards to keep the drive alive but they went for 46...

Later, it was a fourth and seven and again, a play that had a receiver running 40 yards down the field was called. Howard of course threw the ball to said receiver. Seven yards...

Now, the Mountaineers are off to face the fourth ranked Texas Christian Horned Frogs who have the second best offense in the country. It's on the road. It's a Thursday night game.