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Staring Down The Musket At...The TCU Horned Frogs - A Q&A With Frogs O'War

The Mountaineers travel to Fort Worth to open up Big 12 conference play this afternoon. Jamie Plunkett of Frogs O'War was kind enough to help us preview the game.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Matt: What's been the biggest catalyst behind TCU's ridiculously surprising 13-0 start?

Jamie: Depth. TCU had several transfers, Trey Zeigler (Pitt), Chris Washburn (UTEP), and Kenrich Williams (New Mexico JC) who have stepped in and been big players early on. Not to mention, Devonta Abron, who missed all of last season with a torn Achilles, and Amric Fields, who has suffered a myriad of injuries over the past two seasons, have been healthy.

You pair all this depth with Kyan Anderson's continued ability to create for himself and others, and what we're starting to see is a more efficient offensive squad. Freshman PG Chauncey Collins has also been able to come in and rest Kyan, and he's picking things up quickly. The Frogs have been pretty decent on defense the past few seasons, but now they have some scoring ability paired with it (Sound like any other Frog teams you know of?).

Matt: What do the Frogs need to do to keep that momentum rolling through Big 12 play and become a tournament team?

Jamie: The biggest thing going for them right now is confidence, if they can come out early and pick up a few Big 12 wins that may be the boost they need. In reality though, this team needs to continue to be efficient on offense, and continue rebounding at their current pace (40.6 per game).

Matt: WVU is going to press the bejeezus out of you for 40 minutes. Has TCU seen anything like that thus far and how do you think you'll stack up again Press Virginia?

Jamie: Not really, TCU hasn't played too many schools capable of pressing without wearing down, and crumbling due to a lack of depth. I trust Kyan Anderson as a ball handler though, and he should still be able to make the offense work. Really though, as long as TCU's defense continues to play at a high level, this game will be close.

Matt: And finally, what's your prediction for how this game will shake up? Two big surprises kicking off conference play - who comes out on top and why?

Jamie: While there's still hope for the season, I'm going to say that the Frogs come out on top. It's the first Big 12 game of the year, it's on our (temporary) home court, and the team really wants to show they can hang. I won't give a score prediction, but I think it'll be close, maybe a 3-6 point win for the Frogs.

Matt: (Bonus) Who wins in a fight between Iron Man and Batman?

Jamie: Iron Man, hands down. Batman beats up crime bosses, but Iron Man beats up alien crime bosses.

Thanks again to Jamie for the insights. Be sure to follow him on Twitter