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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Recruiting Update 1/26/15

More good news along the offensive line...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We can go ahead and start with the big news since everything was again largely quiet with one exception. And that one exception was another a big one, literally, coming along the offensive line in the form of Rob Dowdy. For those who don't remember, Rob Dowdy was very high on the Mountaineers' board but would end up committing to Pitt over a wide range of offers (though some did end up backing off potentially due to grade concerns). However after the coaching changes over there he opened his recruitment back up and Dana and the staff went after him hard. I personally thought there seemed to be a disconnect along the way and for whatever reason that Rob wasn't going to end up in a Mountaineers uniform, but I sure am glad I was mistaken.

Robert Dowdy makes the fifth offensive lineman of the class (including transfer Kyle Bosch) and likely has the highest ceiling out of the group. And keep in mind this may be one of the better groups of offensive lineman that WVU has recruited in recent memory. Dowdy's measurements range depending on which site you check them at but regardless WVU will get a big one as he is listed between 6"5" and 6"6" and will be weighing in anywhere between 280-300 lbs. He is also classified as an OT or OG but it seems likely that he will be groomed to fill the void that Quinton Spain is leaving, and you have to like the thought of a slightly shorter but just as talented Matt Jones being lined up at RG. Check out Dowdy's senior film here, the kid can play. You just can't teach his size (or nastiness really) and he is a true effort player, multiple times you can see him 15-20 yards down the field trying to stick players in the secondary. WVU's offensive line struggles are going to be a thing of the past in another year or two if the staff continues to recruit the positions as well as they have with this class.

Dowdy's commitment was the big news of the week, though some commits were able to make it through Motown for visits as well (great time for it right before signing day). The staff is still going hard after a few names it looks like but everything else at this point is really icing on the cake if the whole class can qualify. I would keep an eye out for Ka'Raun White's name as that should hopefully be joining the class soon and of course everyone will be waiting to see what happens with Jordan Cronkrite, who just went on a visit to UF over the weekend. The visit will definitely give them some added momentum, but it shouldn't knock WVU out of the park by any means. Regardless of how all that plays out though, get excited for the class's newest member because he certainly is!