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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Recruiting Update 1/20/15

Not too much movement on the recruiting front, but WVU creeps closer to the finish line with several prospects and another transfer becomes official.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Apologies for the slight delay with this article, but don't worry you haven't missed much. However at this point in the game no news is really good news for WVU, as with 24 commits right now we have more to lose than gain. However that still hasn't stopped the staff from going hard after a few targets still on the board. Gary Jennings has been a hot name lately, as the 6'2" wide receiver has recently be tweeting pictures of himself and Lonnie Galloway after a visit from the coach. Jennings would be a great get to compliment the WR class, though at this point I think he will be a hard pull from UVA, who has been recruiting him heavily for some time now. Ka'Raun White is still a serious option at wide receiver and I think the staff would make room for him, but right now it seems like they will wait until the visit before allowing true commitment. This gives them a little more time to visit other options though at the end of the day Ka'Raun should be a part of the class, his potential is great.

Jordan Cronkrite should be receiving visits from staff soon with the end of his recruitment getting closer and closer. It will still be a tough battle, but WVU seems to be doing just about everything it can to get Jordan on board. That being said there is going to be stiff competition from UF and Louisville, though it has seemed that Notre Dame has backed off for the moment. Hopefully Jordan won't be deciding to stay close to home because if he comes up to WVU that would really ensure the running back depth for the coming years as well as give us a pass catcher out of the back field that has been missing since Charles Sims graduated. West Virginia has been putting itself in a good position so far, but there is still a long way to go.

In some good news, Kyle Bosch's transfer is official and he is on the roster. Listed at 6'5" and 305 lbs., he brings immediate size and depth to an offensive line that needs all the help it can get. Not only do to stellar guards need to be replaced, but more youth needs to develop and provide quality snaps in the coming season as five guys can't take every snap again. The longer the season went on the more noticeable it became how worn down the line was by the fourth quarter. Kyle Bosch isn't the sole answer and fans need to temper their expectations as he still has a lot to prove on the college level. But more bodies is a good, good thing and at the very least he should be a competitor to break into rotation even if he doesn't become an immediate starter. Not to mention WVU has done fairly well with transfers, so maybe the staff will be able to coax out that 4 star talent he had coming out of high school.