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Mountaineer Retweet: Texas Tech/Riot Ball/Oklahoma Edition

It's a Mountaineer Retweet triple-header as we head to the Twitters to recap the Texas Tech win, the Iowa State loss, and the meteor we dropped on Oklahoma.

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Big 12 play has started to hit its stride, and the Mountaineers have played three times since we last hit the Twitters. Without wasting any more of your time, let's get this thing started.

Texas Tech -- 1/5/15

I love Huggins' superstitions. I also love that Huggins has a spare pullover that he can switch into when we play like garbage for a half against an inferior team.

And I don't care what you say, you love it too.

Good take here from the Father of the Retweet. WVU, as good as they are, is going to have travel losses. The "Press Virginia" style, as awesome as it is, may end up having a hand in some of those travel losses. When you play like we do, a thousand miles per hour, all game every game, it can possibility catch up to you. It's just something to keep an eye on for later.

Thank God we have the depth we do, at least.


I told you we were gonna talk more about Gary Browne. He has become everything you want in a back up to an elite point guard. I have full confidence in Gary's ability to run the offense when Juwan is out, either for foul trouble or injury, and that's something I was sincerely worried about going into the season.

When Gary started at WVU, I wanted him to evolve into Joe Mazzulla. It took him a while (and the defense probably isn't there) but he's definitely got that little bit of Mazz in him this year.

Okay, so Twitter kind of . . . died during the Tech game. The 'Eers, like the TCU game, eventually wore down the Raiders and got the W, 78-67. Twitter did pop back up just in time for this gem.


Moving on.

RIOT BALL, Y'ALL 1/10/15


Flounder. We flounder well in our our halfcourt offense.

Gonna sound bitter again, and I promise this'll be the last time I bring this up I hope, but we couldn't be playing this style with Eron and Terry unless they bought in 100%, and I doubt that they would have.

This is a theme, possibly.

Dev's goggles got broken. I made a power level joke on the Musket twitter. Twitter is stupid. There's no way I wasn't including this.

"They can't possibly shoot this awful forever and we'll wear them out" isn't the best strategy to employ against one of the best teams in your league.

We wore them out a bit, yeah. But we wouldn't have made a three pointer on Saturday night if the bottom of the hoop had a gravitational anomaly that specifically drew basketball towards the bottom of the net.

Our halfcourt is going to kill us somewhere really important this year. It's got to get in gear.

WVU somehow had this thing tied at the half and came out and took a lead early in the Second Half. The sloppiness from the first returned shortly after that, and neither of the teams were able to get into much of a rhythm because of fouls, but the good guys had some particularly awful stretches of basketball. This one was just the one that I can still picture in my head.

Make layups.

Iowa State really beat us with our own game, and kudos to them. Big time offensive rebounds and putbacks by the 'Clones really killed our chances of getting a lead late in this one.

Sunrise, sunset, West Virginia is flummoxed by a zone.

Weird is the best way to describe this loss. We didn't play well enough to win, but we were in there at the end with the chance to steal it, and when you're at home in conference play, finding the way to pull it out may be the difference at the end of the season in conference play. It also made Tuesday's Oklahoma game even more critical: losing two home games before a road trip to Austin may be devastating to this team.

Oklahoma 1/13/15



Seriously, Nate was awesome early in this game. We need this kind of play from him off the bench every night in league play.

Our style is death by a thousand tiny knives. It frustrates the hell out of everyone we play and it's fantastic to watch. Any time we get an opportunity to score quickly off a turnover, and angel gets its wings.

we interrupt this retweet for a routine test of the #buzzwilliams hate system

Oh, 2005. Forever my favorite team. I need to write a retrospective on that season. This might happen now.


Oklahoma had made this thing a three point game with about 3 minutes left in the half. We led by thirteen at the break.



Let's let this sink in.

There yet?

I think I've made my point.


Okay, there's really only so much I can say about this kind of dumptrucking that hasn't already been said. It was awesome. Everyone was awesome. Juwan only scored four points and was still awesome everywhere else as a facilitator. He did everything you want your point guard to do on a day when the shots weren't falling.

That being said, we can't read our press clippings. We go to Austin on Saturday. They had our way with us THREE times last season. We never came close.

Huggins will preach that all week. The biggest difference between this year and last? I think our kids will listen and respond. We'll see. Until then, By-Godders, keep tweeting and Let's Go Mountaineers.