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The Smoking Musket College Pick 'Em Gauntlet Week 4 Results, Plus Staff Predictions For Texas vs Kansas

Join in on the fun! Even if you're new, there's plenty of time and chances to catch up.We're giving away a WVU Nike T-shirt at the end of the season to the overall winner. Plus, you can see how the staff thinks Saturday's Texas/Kansas game will go.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We have three weeks complete and Dwalk1217 still holds the lead, but WV Moonshiner is pushing hard. Because it's a cumulative score game, you can always jump in late and catch up. Here are the top eleven (with ties) :


Here is the Week 4 breakdown:


Official Rules (PDF document link)

Our game, as in the past, will be hosted by Yahoo! Fantasy. GAME LINK

Group Name: The Smoking Musket

Group ID: 10575

Group password: westbygod

We have 20 games to pick this week, starting with Saturday at noon. Deadline for each pick is 5 minutes before kickoff. Make sure you at least have your tie breakers in by then.

Also, as a way to change things up a bit this year, we will also be featuring staff predictions for the weekly WVU game (or game of interest on the off-weeks). SInce WVU isn't playing this week, here are the staff predictions for the Kansas/Texas game (in Gauntlet ranking order with total score in parentheses):

JohnRadcliff (55)

Texas 24 KU 10

As far as Kansas - Texas...It's a battle of wills for who wants it less. I think as a matter of pride, Texas will pull this one out. Mainly because they should realize that this is their best chance at a conference victory. It'll be close, though.

MKirchner12 (55)

JPFanshawe (54)

Texas 33, Kansas 9

"Weis" has two meanings in Texan: "Big-boned" and "below-average." Both apply here. The Longhorns soften the Jayhawks up for us here.

sbwvu1 (53)

Texas 21 Kansas 14

I pick Texas for two reasons: one, they definitely have better football players and two Kansas is coached by Charlie Weis.

_CBH_ (53)

whirsch_wvu2014 (52)

Texas 30 Kansas 13

Texas may be kicking players out of the program left and right but they are playing Kansas and they will roll (well, roll in terms of as best they can with their current situation).

WVUIE97 (51)

Texas 27 Kansas 26

Kansas makes things real uncomfortable for the burnt orange faithful and that's enough to get Strong's seat warm early.

SmithFire13 (51)

"Somehow, they both lose."

D White (51)

Texas 34 Kansas 7

This game will be huge for Tyronne Swoopes' playoff chances, so if Texas hasn't suspended too many guys to field a team Saturday, the Longhorns will roll.

WVUfanMG (48)

Kansas 21 Texas 18

I'm picking Kansas in an upset this week. Texas seems to be a program in a bit of disarray and you can't tell which team will show up week to week. So far, they remind me of WVU last year. The talent is there, but something is missing. Kansas takes advantage of that and takes one from the Longhorns.

Abpriddy (38)

Texas 41 Kansas 23

Kansas scores a TD to take a 23-20 lead midway through the 3rd, 7 Nation Army is blasting and dozens of half-awake Jayhawk fans are bouncing (well, more nodding off and then catching themselves and waking up). But the curse strikes again and the Longhorns take the ensuing kick to the house. They never look back and Kansas is just dust in the wind.

Caleb Wygal (16)

zcameron (16)

Matt Long