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The LOL Board Fools Bob Stoops

Dana Holgorsen and Shannon Dawson trick Bob Stoops into giving away his game plan.

A hidden message for Bob Stoops
A hidden message for Bob Stoops
John Radcliff

Dana Holgorsen and Shannon Dawson sit down to design the play boards for the Oklahoma game.

Dana_medium ...that damn dirty Bedenbaugh! He knows all our play calls. We're gonna have to do something special with the play boards this week to fool Oklahoma, Shannon.

Dawson_medium ...

Dana_medium DAWSON! Take that ridiculous thing off your head!

Dawson_medium You said we need to do something special.

Dana_medium Not that kind of special, Shannon. Now take that thing off.

Shannon_medium We need to get the ball to Kevin White.

Dana_medium Well thank you very much, Captain Obvious.

Shannon_mediumI'm not a captain. I'm an offensive coordinator

Dawson_mediumAnd a pirate.

Dana_medium You are not a freaking Pirate! Look, just because you met Mike Leach once doesn't mean you're part of the...just take that thing off!

Dawson1_medium Wait, watch what happens when I hold my breath.

Dana_medium Dammit Dawson!...secretary?

Secretary1_medium My name is Jane. What can I do for you?

Dana_medium Secretary, get on the phone and see if that blowup doll from the Airplane movie has any interest in being an offensive coordinator.

Shannon_medium Okay. I'll be good.

Dana_medium Never mind, secretary.

Secretary1_medium My name is Jane. You coaches are all the same...

Dana_medium Alright Shannon, show me what you got for 4 verts.


Dana_medium I don't know Shannon. Seems kind of obvious to me. I like that you worked in the Red Bull and Almost Heaven. But it doesn't really disguise what we want to do with the ball.

Shannon_medium Okay, try this one out.


Dana_medium What play is this?

Shannon_medium (giggles)

Dana_medium Oh I get it. Nice one Shannon!

Bob_medium HEY!

Dana_medium Sorry coach. Didn't see you standing there.

Bob_medium You guys are so disrespectful.

Dana_medium What?

Bob_medium I just think I deserve a little respect.

Shannon_medium What?

Bob_medium Respect! You know, R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Shannon_medium (giggles)

Bob_medium I don't know why I even bother sometimes.

Dana_medium Come on  coach. You started it. Let's start over. Why don't you show us one of your play boards.

Bob_medium Alright smart asses, see if you can figure this one out.


Dana_medium So you're going to blitz a lot, hoping you can get to Clint before someone gets open?

Bob_medium How did you guess that?

Shannon_medium (giggles)

Dana_medium Lucky guess. What about when you're on offence?


Dana_medium Draw play out of the pistol formation with an option to be a bartender at the Blue Oyster Club?

Bob_medium Screw you guys!

Dana_medium Alright Shannon, let's work on some screen passes to counter the blitz. I love it when he stops by.

Shannon_medium (giggles)