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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Power Rankings Week 2

Clint Trickett grabs the #1 spot from Kevin White in this weeks power rankings.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

1. Clint Trickett -Trickett continues to impress. Against Towson Trickett was 35-40 for 348 yards. His accuracy this past Saturday was reminiscent of Geno Smith and the numbers he put up in his second year in the system. Maryland's defense has seemed to have the answer to WVU's offense the last two years, particularly in last seasons 37-0 beatdown in Baltimore, but hopefully Trickett's mastery of the offense continues and WVU's offense continues operating as efficiently as it has in the first two games.

Week 1 Ranking: #2

2. Kevin White - Hard to drop White to #2, but that is more a reflection of Trickett's evolution than any drop off in the performance by White who once again had a great performance finishing with 10 catches for 101 yards, and showing great rapport with Trickett.

Week 1 Ranking: #1

3. Rushel Shell - Shell's Morgantown debut was impressive: 14 carries for 71 yards and a touchdown and 4 catches for 47 yards. Shell's play included yet another play where he shook a defender in open space before getting to the second level of the defense. Aside, from the goal line fumble Shell has been impressive in both games and looks to be solidifying his role as WVU's #1 running back.

Week 1 Ranking: #5

4. WVU Defense - Granted shutting out a FCS school is not as impressive as shutting out a Big 12 school, but the fact of the matter remains that this past Saturday was WVU's first shutout in years. The defense did not look leaky and held Towson to a paltry 122 total yards.

Week 1 Ranking: Unranked

5. Wendell Smallwood - In Week 2 Smallwood had 8 carries for 33 yards and a touchdown and added another 3 receptions for 55 yards. The Shell/Smallwood backfield is paying nice dividends for WVU thus far.

Week 1 Ranking: #6

6. Mario Alford - 5 catches for 21 yards and one touchdown aren't great stats, but the touchdown catch was impressive, and just as the kick return in week 1, the play was indicative of Alford's playmaking ability. With all that being said count me in the camp of those against throwing fade routes to Alford.

Week 1 Ranking: #3

7. Jordan Thompson - Up two spots from last week, Thomson duplicated his reception total from week one (5) and had 104 all-purpose yards and his first touchdown in week 2. Thompson's all purpose yardage included a career best 31-yard punt return.

Week 1 Ranking: #9

8. William Crest - And so it begins. The remarkable thing about true freshman William Crest playing on Saturday is the fact that the coaching staff has seemed to announce that Crest will be part of the offense moving forward despite Trickett's complete command of the offense thus far. Needless to say it will be quite interesting to see just how, and how much, WVU uses Crest the rest of this year.

Week 1 Ranking: Unranked

9. Andrew Buie -Running against the tired beleaguered Towson defense Buie made the most of his opportunity running for 70 yards and a touchdown on nine carries. With the seeming disappearance of Dreamius Smith, Buie may have done enough to garner some extra touches in the coming week.

Week 1 Ranking: Unranked

10. Nick O'Toole - Boomstache was only called into duty for one punt last week, but managed a nice 42-yarder on his lone punt.

Week 1 Ranking: #10