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Big 12 Media Day One Retweet

A look around at what was said at the first day of the Big 12 preseason kickoff.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

 If you were looking for a media day one that slowly eased you into the new season, this was not the media day you were looking for. Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby came out with both guns blazing as he opened with his state of the conference.

 From the end of college athletics as you know it, to greed cheating is good or at least can pay off if you don't get caught, to agents on campus negotiating for playing time for their client, Bowlsby nattered a lot of nabobs of negativism. And I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just used to CEO types blowing a lot of fairy dust and rainbows around instead of the tough love speech Bowlsby gave. If he would have announced that American astronauts landing on the moon was a lie, I wouldn't have been surprised. He also included a call for someone...anyone in the Big 12 to win a national title in football. And soon.

 -Not quite "I'm a man! I'm 40!" stuff, but still.

- Art Briles was pretty awesome on a lot of fronts, even if he was wrong. More on Briles quotes at Our Daily Bears.

 -I'm pretty tough on Charlie Weis, so to hear that he's trying to drop a few pounds is a good thing.

 But I'm not sure even Charlie can will his way into morphing into Kliff Kingsbury...or can he?


I will not make any attempt to tell you anything about what Kliff Kingsbury said at media days, because nothing will overshadow what you just saw. But you can catch up with the Red Raiders at Viva the Matadors.

-TCU coach Gary Patterson is a lot more fun than I thought he was. I've always imagined that every defensive coach was just some variant of Sgt. Plumley from We Were Soldiers.

 That's pretty much it for day one. Looking forward to day two!!