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Game Time Set For WVU Maryland

Noon kickoff for 2014 WVU @ Maryland aired by the Big 10 network

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It was announced today that the 2014 game between WVU and Maryland will be a noon time kickoff on September 13th. As it is a home game for the Terrapins, the game will be broadcast by the Big Ten network. What is at stake for the Mountaineers is a chance at redemption for last year's loss to Maryland. A loss that ended WVU's seven game winning streak against the Terrapins and what could arguably be the worst offensive showing for WVU in recent memory.

The game takes on even more importance when you consider that it is sandwiched between games against Alabama and Oklahoma. Yes, there's that home game against Towson that the Mountaineers should win before the Maryland game. But if the two big games go the way everyone expects them to, the Maryland game is essential. Because you don't want to go into the heart of conference play in the Big 12 with a 1-3 record. Plus, the GIFs are so much more fun when we win.