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WVU Commitments: Class of 2015

A list of the current class of football commitments as it stands and a question: Who will make the biggest impact during their time at WVU?

Which of the current 2015 commits will become a Mountaineer legend?
Which of the current 2015 commits will become a Mountaineer legend?
Justin K. Aller

As the Mountaineers continue to try and become a consistent Big 12 title contender, nothing will be more important than recruiting. West Virginia is off to a strong start on the recruiting trail with twelve prospects currently committed and many more talented recruits considering WVU a top option. The following list is made up of 2015 football prospects that have accepted a committable offer from the coaching staff and are still currently verbally committed to the Mountaineers.

The rankings of the recruits were taken from the 247 Composite Rankings, which provides an average ranking from the four major recruiting services (ESPN, 247 Sports, Rivals, and Scout). The height and weight measurements were also taken from 247 Sports and can vary between different recruiting services; e.g., Kendrell McFadden, who ranges from 6'4" to 6'1" depending upon the site. The recruits listed are currently verbally committed to the Mountaineers. The list does not include recruits who currently have WVU as a top option but have not made a decision, recruits who were committed and decommitted, or recruits that the staff is pursuing the hardest right now. All linked highlights were found at,, or

Total number of Commitments: 16
Average Class Ranking: 23.5 (WVU has fallen outside of ESPN's top 25 classes and is unranked, therefore ESPN is not included in the average)

Jovon Durante-WR
Miami, FL
Height/Weight: 6'0"/162 lbs.
Committed: 7/1/13
Composite Ranking: 4 Star Prospect-0.9395

  • Durante is currently the highest ranked Mountaineer commit and the possibilities are dazzling when imagining his skill-set in the Mountaineers' Air Raid attack. However, WVU will have a long battle ahead to fend off a plethora of interested programs between now and signing day to secure his talents.

Kendrell McFadden-S
Hollywood, FL
Height/Weight: 6'3.5"/193 lbs.
Committed: 1/10/14
Composite Ranking: 4 Star Prospect-0.9129

  • SB Nation's own Bud Elliott scouted Kendrell McFadden (which can be seen here), reporting that McFadden has great length, a frame that could bulk up, and good instincts, but felt that he should be considered more of a three star prospect at this time. Elliot believes McFadden will have trouble playing a lot of man coverage in the college level and would do better in a zone scheme, particularly providing run support, because his poor hips and feet will need a lot of coaching and development time to correct. Luckily for WVU, the coaching staff should have plenty of time for that due to the depth at the position.

Matt Jones-OT
Hubbard, OH
Height/Weight: 6'4"/290 lbs.
Committed: 2/1/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8716

  • Matt Jones is a huge get for the line, literally and figuratively. He has the ability to play tackle or guard and ranges from a high 3 star prospect to a low 4 star prospect depending on the recruiting service. Regardless, his versatility will be a boon for the Mountaineers in years to come.

David Sills-QB
Elkton, MD
Height/Weight: 6'3"/180 lbs.
Committed: 7/16/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8711

  • David Sills just became the newest Mountaineer recruit and with two QBs on board now, they may be done with recruiting at the position for the foreseeable future unless something changes.  Sills brings in the measurements and composure of a college quarterback, and he has a great understanding of the game having been around it his whole life.  Also it is worth noting while Holgorsen has a lot of success with coaches' sons in the past at the QB spot, this is the first time he has had a coach's kid with all the physical talents that Sills has.  The sky really could be the limit for this kid in West Virginia's offense, and sooner or later Crest, Chugunov, and Sills will have a heck of a battle for the starting spot.  At the very least with all the young talent coming in, West Virginia's offensive struggles should become a thing of the past in a season or two.

Stone Wolfley-SDE/TE
Morgantown, WV
Height/Weight: 6'4"/235 lbs.
Committed: 7/1/13
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8705

  • Wolfley is not only a legacy but the top-ranked player in the state of West Virginia. It remains to be seen where the staff will line him up, but he has the ability to be a playmaker on either side of the ball. Also, keep your eyes out for Maverick Wolfley, younger brother and Class of 2017 WVU commit. The RB/LB combo's freshman highlights can be seen here.

Jordan Adams-ATH
Reisterstown, MD
Height/Weight: 6'0"/170 lbs.
Committed: 2/22/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8640

  • One of the two Adams twins, Jordan plays WR and CB in high school and has the ability to play either way in college as well. He is his brother's go-to wide receiver but due to position depth, it seems his fastest chance to get on the field would be on the defensive side of the ball.

Alex Anderson-RB
Hollywood, FL
Height/Weight: 6'0"/184 lbs.
Committed: 5/5/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8596

  • One of three Miramar commits (also McFadden and Lewis) continuing the pipeline, Anderson fits the mold of the larger running backs that WVU has been recruiting of late. He has a tough, downhill running style and isn't afraid to get dirty and pass block, a skill that will serve him well in Dana's offense.

Kahlil Lewis-WR
Hollywood, FL
Height/Weight: 5'11.5"/179 lbs.
Committed: 1/8/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8529

  • Kahlil reminds me a lot of Stedman Bailey and I think he is a great get for the Mountaineers. He isn't overly fast or tall, but he has great hands and plays a hard-nosed game from the WR position, not at all afraid to block or get physical. Whenever he has the option to step out of bounds after a catch, the shoulder always goes down instead and he keeps moving forward to try for those extra yards or inches.

Jacquez Adams-WR
Reisterstown, MD
Height/Weight: 5'11"/165 lbs.
Committed: 2/22/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8461

  • Jacquez Adams spends much more of his time throwing balls in high school than catching them, primarily to his twin brother Jordan. However, his size and athletic abilities will likely see him in a different position than QB in college, and much like Jordan he could potentially play on either side of the ball. It wouldn't be shocking to see him get a chance at QB if they need more arms but it is unlikely. Still though, it wouldn't be the first time a QB recruit that was projected as a WR or CB proved doubters wrong and excelled in a WVU offense...

William Cameron-APB
Durham, NC
Height/Weight: 5'9"/160 lbs.
Committed: 11/25/13
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8456

  • Listed as an APB, it wouldn't surprise me to see Cameron tried at the slot position initially due to his size, speed, and elusiveness given that coaching staff's past successes with that; i.e., Tavon Austin. While he may not have the physical gifts that Tavon had out of high school, he has the skill set to succeed in the offense and has experience as a returner, which could help him see the field more quickly.

Alec Shriner-OC
Oviedo, FL
Height/Weight: 6'4"/285 lbs.
Committed: 6/16/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8400

  • This beefy interior lineman is being recruited by schools to play on both sides of the ball but will likely line up on defense at WVU first given the depth situations on either side of the line. He is also the most recent prospect to commit to West Virginia.

Kevin Williams-CB
Pompano Beach, FL
Height/Weight: 6'1"/179 lbs.
Committed: 2/21/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8317

  • Williams is a tall rangy DB from Florida, who is listed as the 100th best cornerback in the nation by 247Sport's composite list. He may need some time to develop, but it is hard to argue with his physical tools at the position.

Chris Chugunov-QB
Skillman, NJ
Height/Weight: 6'2"/190 lbs.
Committed: 6/9/2014
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8133

  • Chugunov is rated a low three star prospect, but he performed well enough in front of the coaching staff for them to extend an offer, resulting in a commitment shortly after. He could be a real sleeper at QB for a position that needs all the depth it can get in the Big 12.

Jahshaun Sieder-OT
Belle Glade, FL
Height/Weight: 6'4"/285 lbs.
Committed: 7/26/2014
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8200

  • Sieder came to the weekend showcase uncommitted and without an offer, but things changed very quickly after he displayed his abilities in front of the entire coaching staff.  Based off of his size he might best fit the interior of the line, but Crook did say he could move around, it wouldn't surprise if he was tried out at RT given how similar in frame he is to Marquis Lucas.  Still though, Jahshaun and Matt Jones could make a vicious guard combo in a couple years.  And if any of those recruiting skills that his older brother has are in the genetics, then he will be a part of WVU football long after his playing days are over.

Colton McKivitz-OT
Belmont, OH
Height/Weight: 6'7"/262 lbs.
Committed: 6/20/14
Composite Ranking: 3 Star Prospect-0.8081

  • Colton was originally committed to Miami (OH), but after the coaching staff never let up in his recruitment he ultimately decided to flip his commitment.  While he may need some development, he has great upside. As the old adage goes, you can't teach size.

Deamonte Lindsay-RB
Martinsburg, WV
Height/Weight: 6'2"/190 lbs.
Committed: 7/27/14
Composite Ranking: Not Ranked

  • Deamonte is latest WVU commit and, while the competition may be below average, he is lights out in his highlight tape.  He has a great frame with room to grow and looks like an impressive athlete.  Word on the street is that the coaches like him on the defensive side of the ball rather than running back, either as a safety or potentially in the hybrid Spur spot; e.g., K.J. Dillon.