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Money Talks: WVU, Big 12's Most Expensive Ticket Prices In 2014

You'll be separating yourself from a good deal of money for tickets to attend some of the marquee West Virginia and Big 12 Conference games this season.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With summer just around the corner, it's that time of year when college football programs, like West Virginia, make their push for fans to renew or buy season ticket packages for the fall.

Using, the leading place to buy tickets from other fans, we find the most expensive starting prices for tickets to some of the biggest conference games for the Big 12 this coming season. West Virginia fans might be surprised to see how much tickets go for September's game against the Oklahoma Sooners, but not for the most expensive starting price out of all conference games:

  • Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas), $258.00
  • Oklahoma State at Oklahoma, $156.00
  • Oklahoma at West Virginia, $132.00
  • Texas at Oklahoma State, $126.00
  • Baylor at Oklahoma, $106.50
  • Texas at Texas Tech, $103.20

Ouch, those are some steep prices for those attending the Red River Showdown at the Texas State Fair. With Oklahoma being the biggest game on paper in Morgantown this year, it would be reasonable to see prices to go up more if both teams start a combined 5-1 record in August/September.

With conference games out of the way, let's take a look at some more notable games involving Big 12 members in major out-of-conference games during the first month of the season:

  • Oklahoma at Tulsa, $168.90
  • West Virginia vs. Alabama (Atlanta), $164.50
  • Tennessee at Oklahoma, $156.00
  • SMU at Baylor, $142.01
  • UCLA vs. Texas (Arlington), $135.11
  • Iowa State at Iowa, $120.00
  • Auburn at Kansas State, $117.50
  • Texas Tech at UTEP, $113.89

The Kansas Jayhawks, the only team not featured on either list, has some of the lowest ticket prices of the 10 member league, the most expensive home game going for just $39.97 against Texas on September 27. It makes sense for a low demand for Kansas, as the team has gone 22-51 since going 12-1 and winning the Orange Bowl in 2008.

In the case for West Virginia, ticket prices for games, other than Alabama and Oklahoma, could rise throughout the season, especially if the team collects wins in the early portions this season and rebounds from disappointing results from a year ago. The best possibilities for that could be an October 25 game against Oklahoma State in Stillwater and a November 8 game against Texas in Austin.

No matter your choice, you will be spending a pretty penny to attend one of these West Virginia or Big 12 games this fall.

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