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SBWVU1 goes deep with his next pick to round out his receiving corps.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

With the 17th pick Team SBWVU1 selects the best deep threat in WVU history: Chris Henry.

Henry played in only 23 games as a Mountaineer, but in that short stint Henry managed to score 22 touchdowns, most via the deep ball. His 22 touchdowns are good for 4th all time at WVU. A feat he accomplished in only two years. Also in that two year career at WVU Chris Henry hauled in 93 catches for 1,878 yards (good for 11th all-time). His 20.1 yards per catch (ypc) rank better then Stedman Bailey (15.3 ypc), Tavon Austin (11.8 ypc), Reggie Rembert (19.5 ypc), Cedric Thomas (17.5), Khory Ivy (15 ypc), David Saunders (13.6 ypc) and Shawn Foreman (13.8 ypc). Henry also ranks in the top ten for longest receptions (#7 at 83 yards) and consistently burnt single and double coverage for the big play:

Henry also has the fifth best receiving yards game in WVU history (209 receiving yards against Syracuse in 2003. In a RichRod offense!), ended the curse of the Terp, and showed the people of New Jersey how to make the state of West Virginia with your hand.

The 6'4" 230lb enigmatic receiver was known for many things in addition to his brilliant playmaking ability. Unfortunately for Henry by the time it appeared he had figured things out and set him self up for long-term success he was killed in a tragic accident. For all the mistakes Henry made as a young man, by all accounts of those who spent the most time with him in the end, Henry had turned his life around for the better, and in the final chapter of his life through a touching display of giving, Henry's organs were used to save the lives of four other individuals.

Team SBWVU1's now consists of

Tavon Austin (read about the pick here)

Amos Zereoue (read about the pick here)

Owen Schmitt (read about the pick here)

Sam Huff (read about the pick here)

and Chris Henry.