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West Virginia Football All-Time Draft: Pick #16

With the 16th pick Team sbwvu1 selects the most decorated WVU football player of all-time, a throwback cultural icon who epitomizes West Virginia and WVU football.

Patrick McDermott

With the 16th pick of the All-Time draft sbwvu1 selects Hall of Famer Sam Huff.

With all due respect to Dan Mozes if you're going to go line how do you pass on the best WVU lineman of all-time??? Huff was an All-American and is one of only two WVU football players to have their jersey retired. Huff was not only one of the greatest football players ever (not just one of the greatest at WVU), but also a cultural icon. The guy was in cereal commercials!

The West Virginia native was the first football player to be on the cover of Time magazine, and also had a CBS television special about him ("The Violent World of Sam Huff"). Huff is also a member of both the WVU and the National Football League Hall of Fame. His Hall of Fame write-ups for WVU and the NFL read like this:

"Known as a reckless and intimidating player on defense, he was also agile enough as a blocker to pave the way for backs Joe Marconi, Tommy Allman, Bobby Moss and Fred Wyant. He helped lead WVU to a combined four-year mark of 31-7 and a berth in the 1954 Sugar Bowl. The Mountaineers were also able to defeat Penn State three years in a row while Huff wore the Gold and Blue."


"Inspirational leader, brilliant diagnostician with great speed, tackling ability ... Noted for hard-hitting duels with premier running backs"

For our draft purposes I'm drafting Huff as a two-way player just the way he was used at WVU on both offensive and defensive lines with the option to use him at either depending on how the rest of the draft works out.

Team SBWVU1's now consists of:

Tavon Austin (read about the pick here)

Amos Zereoue (read about the pick here)

Owen Schmitt (read about the pick here)


Sam Huff.

To recap that is WVU's best: all-purpose player, running back, and lineman (who also happens to be in the WVU and NFL Hall of Fame), along with one WVU's toughest and beloved competitors. This draft is getting lopsided, and with the 17th pick its only about to get worse...