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West Virginia Football All-Time Draft: PICK #2

It's the offseason. We're all really, really bored and we're going to be until August. To ease our way through the miasma that is this time on the college sports calender, let's have some fun. Four Musket contributors, one enormous Snake-style draft to pick the best damn Mountaineer football team they can. Let's do this.


With the Second Pick of the draft, SmithFire13 selects...

The Brashear Bullet, Major Harris.

This was not an easy decision for me. I attended my first game with Bulger. I grew up with Wallace. I came of age with White. I went to school with Smith. Even with all that, it's hard to argue with a Hall of Famer.

If you're not old enough to have watched The Major, take five and watch his 1989 highlights. Bear through the SD quality because it is quite a show. Harris was not only the quickest guy on the field (unless James Jett was out there,) but the man had a hand-cannon. He ended his career with 18 rushing TDs and over 2000 yards to go along with his already impressive 5-grand passing yards and 41 TDs.

While his statistics speak for themselves, they do not include his being two-time conference PotY, two-time Heisman Finalist (1988 Fifth, 1989 Third), and an All-American. Plus, he claims to arguably the most memorable play in WVU Football history: The Play.

Oh, one more thing. He's the only QB to lead the Mountaineers to the National Championship game. That puts Major Harris in a class of his own so..... yeah, I'll take him.