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West Virginia Football All-Time Draft: PICK #1

It's the offseason. We're all really, really bored and we're going to be until August. To ease our way through the miasma that is this time on the college sports calender, let's have some fun. Four Musket contributors, one enormous Snake-style draft to pick the best damn Mountaineer football team they can. Let's do this.

Ronald Martinez

With the First Pick of the draft sbwvu1 selects...



With all due respect to the QB position and all the greats that have played at WVU I'm starting my All-Time team by picking the best game breaker to ever suit up for the Mountaineers. Tavon. Austin.

Tavon scored touchdowns via  punt return, kick return, rushing, and one season. Since Tavon is a recent alum I won't waste too much time on his credentials since everyone remembers his greatness, but here are a few:

• WVU's All-Time leading receiver in yardage - 3,413 yards (also had 29 Receiving TDs)

• Two time All-American

• NCAA leader in all purpose yardage in 2011

• 2nd best…EVER... all purpose yardage game in the NCAA - 572 yards

• Winner of the Paul Horning Award Paul Horning Award (Most Versatile Player in College Football)

Most recently was the 8th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft where his NFL team tried to scientifically compare him to a cheetah:

AND he has done things like this:

We could just call it a wrap right now on whose team is going to win the All-Time team championship, but I guess everyone should get a chance to play catch up.