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West Virginia Football All-Time Draft: An Introduction.

It's the offseason. We're all really, really bored and we're going to be until August. To ease our way through the miasma that is this time on the college sports calender, let's have some fun. Four Musket contributors, one enormous Snake-style draft to pick the best damn Mountaineer football team they can. Let's do this.

Mike Ehrmann

The period of time between April and August is a dreadful, dull time for college sports bloggers. It's also a time where we at your favorite Mountaineers blog lose some valuable page views from you guys out there.

In an effort to keep the content interesting through these doldrums, we're going to try something different and potentially really fun. Four Smoking Musket contributors (myself, SmithFire13, _CBH_, and sbwvu1) will be undertaking this endeavor and will be drafting our teams in the traditional fantasy sports style of a Snake draft. We'll be picking four teams, 9 players on offense (offensive linemen are going to be hard to come by in something like this), 11 defenders, and two specialists.

It'll break down something like this:


One Quarterback.
Two Runningbacks
Two Wide Receivers
One Tight End
Three Offensive Linemen (Tackle, Guard, Center)


Four Defensive Linemen (DE, DT)
Three Linebackers
Four Defensive Backs (CB, Safety)


One Kicker
One Punter

After the completion of the draft, we'll open the voting for the readers to determine who built the best team in a tournament style setting, with two semi-finals and a final game. Ideally, I'd like to do a pick or more per day, giving us some content and a chance for all of us to reminisce on some of our favorite players of the past. Without further ado, I present the draft order for this thing, chosen completely at random.

1. sbwvu1
2. SmithFire13
3. MKirchner12
4. _CBH_