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West Virginia Football All Time Draft: Pick #11

Last time, I drafted Team MKirchner12's Quarterback, and it's only right that the next pick for my team is his most trusted receiver.

Justin K. Aller

With the 11th pick in the Smoking Musket West Virginia Football All-Time Draft, Team MKirchner12 selects Stedman Bailey.

What really needs to be said? In the previous round, I took Geno Smith off the board, and if Team sbwvu1 is going to have #5 and #10, it's only right that Team MKirchner12 gets #12 and #3. It wouldn't be right if the high school teammates didn't end up on the same team.

Sted made his career at WVU by catching everything that came at him. I've never seen a more reliable receiver than Bailey. If the ball was in the area, he was going to come down with it. Bailey had the "clutch gene" that let him make big play after big play for the  Mountaineers

Bailey's career stats in Morgantown were unbelievable as the Mirarmar, Florida native was a machine for his three years as a contributor in the Gold and Blue

210 Catches, 3,218 Yards, and 41 Touchdowns

With this addition to Team MKirchner12, the Miramar Connection is alive and well in the Smoking Musket All Time Draft.