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West Virginia Football All-Time Draft: Pick #8

One of the most famous Mountaineers comes off the board...

Justin K. Aller

With the first pick in the draft I nabbed the most versatile Mountaineer ever, and for my second pick I grab arguably the best WVU running back ever. Famous Amos Zereoue.

For his career Amos owns two of the top ten game rushing performances in Mountaineer history. Zereoue smoked Notre Dame for 234 yards and rushed for 228 yards against Rutgers (I wonder how many records WVU players have set against Rutgers, I'm going to miss them never beating us.) Zereoue was a threat to take it to the house with every carry.

(Chris Petersen's head just exploded.)

Zereoue rushed for three touchdowns four separate times victimizing Western Michigan, Tulsa, Marshall and Pitt in the process. Speaking of Pitt, the first rush of Zereoue's career was against Pitt and resulted in this:

Now for the really crazy stats:

• In just three years (Amos left after his junior year) did enough damage to rank #4 all time in rushing yards and touchdowns with 4,086 yards and a cool 40 touchdowns.

• He owns two of the top five seasons ever when measured by rushing yards.

• He is tied with Pat White for the most rushing touchdowns in a season with 18.

Can you imagine his numbers had he stayed for his senior year? Zereoue was the rare running back who had power to run through a tackle and the speed and shiftiness to shake defensive players and take it to the house. Oh and check this out:

When did WVU decide to stop making commercials for games? We need to bring this back. To recap that's Tavon and Amos with my first two picks and with my next pick...