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West Virginia Football All-Time Draft: PICK #7

Another offensive weapon comes off the board, and it's arguably WVU's greatest rusher of all time.

With the Seventh Pick of the draft, SmithFire13 selects...

The all-time leading rusher at West Virginia University, #22 Avon Cobourne.

In 1999, Cobourne replaced Amos Zereoue to lead the nation in freshman rushing rankings. While breaking Famous Amos's freshman rushing record, Avon went on to achieve First-Team All-Big East. Below, Tony starts breaking down Avon's first season at 3:25.

Cobourne is one of the best power runners that WVU, or the Big East Conference, has ever seen.  Not only does he hold the Mountaineer all-time leading rusher crown at 5,164 yards, but he still holds it for the Big East. That number not only makes him the only West Virginia player to be in the 5k club, but 12th all-time in college football.  His senior season performance was also record setting at 1,710 yards, but that was later broken by Steve Slaton's 2006 rampage.

While he's had a pretty good Canadian career, his time at WVU is fondly remembered. With him and Major Harris in my backfield, I think I'm doing pretty well so far.