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The WVU All-YouTube Team, Basketball Edition

YouTube is one the best things about the internet, there is nothing like blowing off work to watch Mountaineer highlights. So in honor of YouTube and the Mountaineers the Smoking Musket presents the WVU All YouTube Team, Basketball Edition.

Justin K. Aller

A few things to note before we get into it: first, this is digital not analog so Mountaineer legends like The Logo and Hot Rod are not included, and second you can't be any geek of the street you have to have gone absolute heat check multiple times or played above the rim to be included.

#5 John Flowers

There is no doubt @jflow41 belongs on the All YouTube Team. Flowers is one of the most charismatic Mountaineers of this generation. Whether playing defense, hyping up the crowd, or doing the "dougie" Flower definitely made for good YouTube during his playing days.

#4 Juwan Staten

He's got the speed and the handles, but he's on this team for one reason.

#3 Kevin Pittsnogle

KP captivated West Virginia and the rest of America with his outlandish brand of basketball. A skinny seven-foot center from Martinsburg who busted 3's on opponents at will and spawned the memorable phrase, "You Just Got Pittsnogled!"

Side Note: if you look up "Pittsnogled" on Urban Dictionary there are an astounding 14 definitions, I can't decide if my favorite entry is #5 or #7.

#2 Da'Sean Butler

The most clutch Mountaineer of the common era, Butler's pension for game winners and going heat check mode in big games earns him the #2 spot on this list.

#1 Joe Alexander

"Oh my goodness! Send it in Joe!"

Is it fair to say that Alexander is the most explosive athlete to ever suit up for the basketball team? I think so. You don't? See below.

Currently, Alexander is still doing his thing in the D-League.

While compiling this list I couldn't help but think of which Mountaineers would be least likely to be found on the positive side of a YouTube highlight, my guess is Jamie Smalligan, but Kevin Noreen is probably knocking on the door. Also, honorable mention on the All-YouTube team goes to this guy: