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WVU Football All-Time Draft: Pick #6

The third quarterback comes off the board, and it's WVU's greatest pure passer ever.

Justin K. Aller

I realized going into this pick that I was going to have to choose between one of the two remaining "Big Four" WVU Quarterbacks. This was a tough call, and I honestly flipped a couple of times while trying to make my final decision, but WVU's all-time leading passer won out in the end.

With the sixth pick in the West Virginia football all-time draft, MKirchner12 selects ... Geno Smith, Quarterback, 2009-2012.

A three year starter for the Mountaineers, Smith emerged as a leader during his sophomore campaign when he led the 'Eers back from the brink of disaster in Huntington against Marshall. He then proceeded to put up great stats for a first year starter in Jeff Mullen's "offense," leading West Virginia to a 9-3 regular season and a Champs Sports Bowl bid.

Moving on to 2011, it was expected that Smith would explode once placed in the cockpit of Dana Holgorsen's offense, and those expectations were exceeded. Smith put on a show for two years, amassing unbelievable stat lines. And while the disappointments of late 2012 probably cost Geno the Heisman, I'll never forget some of the ridiculous offensive plays I saw that season with Geno at the helm.


11,662 Passing Yards (at a 67.4% completion rate)
98 Touchdowns - 21 Interceptions
342 Rushing Yards - 4 TDs
1 Horns Down
2nd Round Pick by the New York Jets