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WVU Football All-Time Draft: Pick No. 5

After selecting Pat White with the final first round pick of our WVU all-time draft, which teammate of the greatest quarterback in West Virginia joins him with the No. 5?

Stacy Revere

Former West Virginia quarterback Pat White came off the board with my first pick in the Smoking Musket's all-time WVU football draft yesterday.

It didn't take long to find my next pick as the draft snakes back to myself in the top of the second round. Actually, I didn't even have to leave the same backfield as White.

Slaton is the most recent player and only the second running back to be named a Consensus All-American in 2006, joining legendary West Virginia figure Ira Rodgers. That's not bad company for Slaton.

In 2005, Slaton broke Avon Cobourne's 1999 record for most rushing touchdowns (10) in a season as a freshman by seven touchdowns that still stands to this day. Slaton's 16 touchdowns in 2006 would have also been the record for most rushing touchdowns in a season as a sophomore if it wasn't for White's 18 touchdowns that year.

Slaton's career 50 rushing touchdowns is a mark in the West Virginia record book that will likely stand for the foreseeable future. Dustin Garrison and Andrew Buie are the closet to catching Slaton, currently each eight rushing touchdowns to this point in their careers.

With only kickers Pat McAfee and Tyler Bitancurt ahead of him on the list, Slaton's 330 points scored during career is the most by any other skill player, and 26 points more than Ira Rodgers and 46 ahead of White. He also holds the record for most touchdowns scored in a game by a player in West Virginia's 46-44 triple overtime thriller against then-No.19 Louisville in 2005.

There's also no doubt that West Virginia fans will forget his record 204 rushing yards against then-No. 8 Georgia at the 2006 Sugar Bowl:

With the most prolific backfield tandem in West Virginia football history, what's the chances of someone having a better team than myself at the conclusion of our all-time West Virginia draft?

That's an easy answer. Doubtful.