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2014 Smoking Musket Bracket Challenge Final Results

The NCAA Tournament is over, which means it's time to crown the winner of our contest.

Ronald Martinez

Our Bracket Challenge is complete and we have a winner: Skitts24

Congratulations to Skitts24 and thanks to all 66 of you who signed up and played! Here are the final leaders (we always use the top 11 and ties...I didn't do it just to include myself), click to embiggen:


Full standings and your individual bracket results can be found HERE.

And here are the staff standings:

Name Rank Total Points
Abpriddy 9 98
WVUfanMG 9 98
WVUIE97 9 98
MKirchner12 15 95
D White 36 79
Matt Long 42 76
SmithFire13 52 72
John Radcliff 53 71
Mountaineer Chuck 62 61

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Our next contest will be the regular season Pick 'Em Gauntlet for college football.