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West Virginia Mountaineers Football: 10 Reasons To Attend The Gold-Blue Spring Game

There's more than just football to enjoy at the spring game. You might even make a difference along the way.

John Radcliff

There's some silliness and a little sad stuff, but if I convince just one more of you to go to the spring game I'll consider that a win.

1) Sad first - A portion of the proceeds go to the WVU Children's Hospital. According to the WVU Athletics site, they have raised $700,000 since 1984 from the spring game. I've spent some time there this year with my son. It's a nice enough facility, but like anything else it could be better. My son is fine,but some kids aren't as lucky . There really isn't enough you can do for the kids or the parents. It's by far the best reason to come to the game on April 12th. Or if you can't make it, there are multiple options for you to make a donation on the hospital's website.

2) WE! ALWAYS! WIN! It's like we're playing Marshall. Every stinking time, baby!

3) No matter how cold or warm it is outside, it's football weather. Everything's football weather for those of you that didn't have a coach that said that before every practice. As I've gotten older I've noticed that everything is also tailgating weather. If it's cold, bring John Daniels and a warm coat. If it's warm, bring some sandals and a cooler of beer. Problem solved right there, really.

4) You need this! You have been cooped up in your house all winter long. You learned what a polar vortex was this winter. I said a POLAR FREAKING VORTEX, man!!

5) See the next "that guy". There's almost always someone that comes out of nowhere and let's their presence be known. Owen Schmitt and Bruce Irvin are a couple that come to mind off the top of my head. I want to see Howard play a little bit to see if he has anything. I want to see how Kevin White does with a season in the program under his belt. Ditto on pretty much everyone really.

6) Boomstache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if we don't do any live punt drills, you have to let the kid kick a few to keep the Heisman hype alive...What? No punter has ever won it? You shut up! Has a punter ever rocked a mullet and a mustache like this?


Well then, he's still got a chance.

7) Friends! We all know those people that we only see at games. Not that we don't care about them. It's just that they live two hours on the other side of Morgantown than you. So pick up the phone and have them meet you there since it's the same distance for each of you to travel.

8) If you are a parent like me, sometimes it's nice to get away. There's nothing wrong with saying that or feeling it. Much like #4, it might just be that you need this just as much as the rest of your family needs a little space to recover from the cabin fever.

9) This is a pretty critical year for this coaching staff and for the program. Whether you like HCDH or not, it would be nice let the team know that we are still here. Besides, we need to get our gameplan together for the upcoming season too. You can't fan hard without a plan, man.


If you have some extra reasons, feel free to drop them in the comments.