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Mountaineers Fall Apart Down The Stretch, 72-62

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Oklahoma proved to be too much at the end of the game for the Mountaineers.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

Despite an amazing performance by Juwan Staten, the Mountaineers just didn't have it tonight. For most of the night, it was just Staten's offense against the Sooners. You have to give credit to Oklahoma, though. Offensively, they spaced the floor out well and were able to get a lot of good looks at the basket. While the Mountaineers were able to get more shots off and had a better shooting percentage, Oklahoma was 11/30 from 3 point range and made more free throws (15) than the Mountaineers took (10). Oklahoma's defense was able to keep Harris and the rest of the Mountaineers in check and seemed happy to let Staten do his thing.

WVU kept it close for most of the game. But about the same time Kevin Noreen got his fifth foul at the 6:42 mark, Oklahoma was really starting to warm up. Now reasonable people can disagree, but was the nail in the coffin. It was 55-50 at that point and the Sooners outscored the Mountaineers 17-12 to close out the game. But it didn't feel that close. Not at all. Staten had a game high 24 points for West Virginia and Cameron Clark led the Sooners with 19.

Any realistic chance the Mountaineers had at an NCAA birth died in Norman tonight. A win against Kansas would be great, but at this point I can't imagine it would be enough. The NIT is still within range, but at least one more win would be necessary to make that happen.