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Mountaineer Men's Hoops Season Ends With 77-65 Loss To Georgetown

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It was the tale of two halves. WVU's season encapsulated in the Mountaineers loss to the Hoyas.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

WVU’s 2013-2014 Men’s Basketball season came to a conclusion tonight with a 77-65 loss to Georgetown in NW Washington, D.C. The Mountaineers finished the year with a 17-16 overall record – 9-9 in the Big 12 Conference. Juwan Staten led WVU scorers with 27 points in the defeat. Terry Henderson added 13 in his return from a late season illness. Eron Harris played like he was sick. This game was emblematic of the season that was WVU Hoops. It was on one hand entertaining…and on the other hand a painful. What do mean?

  • We won the first half…We lost the second half.  Again.
  • We made it to the post season…We lost in the first round of the NIT.
  • We defended the "Princeton Offense" well…We had little offense of our own. Again.
  • We nearly out-rebounded them…We let them get 1/3 of their rebounds on offense.

Here’s some more on this theme…

Juwan Staten was unbelievably awesome…WVU’s inside game was painfully awful.

The sequence at the end of the first half was déjà vu all over again…Juwan Staten scored three of his 15 first half points by streaking through the lane and getting the "and one" with his free throw. It put the good guys up by five points with Georgetown holding for the last possession. Georgetown missed two shots, got two offensive rebounds and scored an easy lay up to close the gap to three before the horn. Turns out, that was the turning point in the game.

WVU is ecstatic about being free of the BIG LEAST…But after two seasons in the BIG 12, we’re not thrilled about being the 8th best team in the league. Again.

Could there be a better visual picture of what has happened to the BIG EAST than playing this basketball game in a high school sized gymnasium (McDonough Gym)? I don’t know why John Thompson is so upset…at least people in the future will walk AROUND the statue of him outside of that place. Perhaps that lard ass thought they were actually going to put his likeness outside of the Verizon Center (home of the Washington Wizards)? You’re a big deal in D.C., John. Everywhere else you’re just BIG. And your ego is universally BIG. To illustrate that, Georgetown should make the John Thompson statue a giant, copper, over-sized bobble head.

Devin Williams made real progress this season…Remi Dibo made virtually NONE.

Seeing Williams develop confidence was exciting to WVU Hoops fans. Watching Remi Dibo virtually lose all of his was not enjoyable at all. William’s 3-point play wit 12:32 was a testament to how far he’s come. Dibo’s 3-point shooting (0-7) was again horribly momentum killing. Or as they say in France, "terriblement merde."

Nathan Adrian does the intangibles…Kevin Noreen does ONLY them.

When you’re in your young 20s, having someone say, "you have a lot of potential" is a compliment. If you’re in midlife and they say same thing, it’s an insult. As a freshman, it is pretty amazing that Nathan Adrian played as many minutes as he did for Bob Huggins. That he was known for shooting and offense was a given…that he makes some smart decisions defensively, hustles after rebounds and can pass is a bonus. Three years into his career, however, Noreen is only capable of doing the latter. We sure could’ve used 8 points a game from Kevin this season. And unfortunately for him, he won’t see the floor but for practice next year. They should’ve honored him on Senior Night, because he has effectively played his last minutes as a Mountaineer.

Thanks for the 17 wins, boys, and for the improved effort. Let’s start getting stronger next week so that next year we make our third year in the Big 12 the very best of seasons.

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