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The Eyes Of Texas Are Bleeding

The curse of Justin Bieber may have just sealed the Longhorns fate.

The moment Rick Barnes career ended at Texas
The moment Rick Barnes career ended at Texas

And they should be bleeding in fear of a curse that is sure to overtake the Longhorn program. I once wrote a song about Appalachian State going into Ann Arbor and beating Michigan. It was fairly funny. We all had a good laugh at Michigan and thought nothing more of it. Then 12/01/2007 happened. Then our head football coach/savior left to take over the Michigan job and we quickly learned that karma always has the last laugh.

So if you want to blame me for the implosion of our football team in 2007 and Rich Rodriguez leaving for Michigan, go ahead. I'll take the responsibility. At the same time, though, without me Mike Casazza has no story for his book. So let's get those royalty checks printed out, Mike.

If you doubt the curse of Justin Bieber exists, all you really need to do is look at what happened to the US Olympic Hockey team. Yeah, that was funny. Loser keeps Bieber. But if you read the fine print, you'll also see that loser gets curb stomped in their next game and has no worries about setting off metal detectors on the trip home. So for Rick Barnes all I have is the greatest empathy. He came into the season on the hottest of hot seats and seemingly had earned his job back with what many consider to be a surprisingly great season. Not to mention a coach of the year award in the Big 12. Now all he has to look forward to is an early exit from the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments thanks to having his picture taken with the Biebs. And since these things usually happen in threes, he might want to update that resume as well.