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West Virginia Women’s Basketball, Lacking the Respect They Deserve

Despite beating several quality opponents repeatedly, the WVU women still aren't getting respect in the polls.

Justin K. Aller

The Mountaineers climbed to the 11th spot in the latest AP Top 25 poll. Not entering the Top 10 proves this year's West Virginia women's basketball team is still not getting the respect they deserve.

The Mountaineers started off the 2013-2014 season with a loss to unranked Ohio State on November 8th, and then went on a 13 game winning streak that included a comeback upset over 11th ranked Oklahoma State on the road. They didn't even break into the top 25 at that point with a record of 13-1 and beating the 11th ranked team in the nation.

Currently the Mountaineers are on another seven game winning streak giving them a record of 24-3. This current streak has added wins over 23rd ranked Iowa State (season sweep) and a season sweep 77-45 annihilation of 12th ranked Oklahoma State (West Virginia was ranked 13th at the time).

The Mountaineers have posted winning streaks of 13 games, seven games (still active), and four games. The Mountaineers have swept continually ranked teams like Oklahoma State (11, 12) and Iowa State (13, 23). West Virginia is 24-3 on the year and 13-2 in the Big 12. They and 6th ranked Baylor (24-3, 14-1) are going to battle for the Big 12 title. Just last week the 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th ranked teams all lost while the Mountaineers were ranked behind them sitting in 13th.

Four of the 10 teams above West Virginia in the rankings have more losses then the Mountaineers. Five of the 10 teams above the Mountaineers have as many or more losses than the Mountaineers.

West Virginia not entering the Top 10 is proof this team is not getting the respect they deserve. The Mountaineers have only lost two games that they shouldn't have. They lost to Texas on the road and Ohio State to start the year. Sunday's matchup versus 6th ranked Baylor in Waco, Texas will be a matchup that will have lots of implications in it for the Mountaineers. If they win, they will without question break into the Top 10 for the third time in program history and it could have Big 12 title implications.