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Mountaineer Retweet: Triple Triad

Due to some mitigating circumstances (holy crap I was sick), welcome to an unprecedented Mountaineer Retweet Triple-Header!

Dan Friend-USA TODAY Sports

When we last left our suddenly surging Mountaineers, they had knocked off two straight quality opponents in Kansas State and (then) 21st ranked Oklahoma. Riding that confidence, they headed into what could be the most critical stretch of the season for West Virginia's suddenly legitimate NCAA tournament hopes: at Kansas, at home against Iowa State, and at Texas. Let's check on the Twitters and see how they fared.

Kansas (2/8):

Sometimes, you just can't get around matchup issues. It's a reality that we just don't have the type and depth of bigs that can compete with teams who have NBA size talent at Forward and Center. Now, that might change next season, but for now, it is what it is.


I'm sure that this is just a wild over exaggeration. Hyberbole is fun and stuff, I get it. It's not really possible for all of a teams forwards to foul out, is it?

*tosses laptop through wall, runs out of house screaming*

next season is gonna be so cool. next season is gonna be so cool. next season is gonna be so cool. next season is gonna be so cool. next season is gonna be so cool. next season is gonna be so cool. next season is gonna be so cool.

3RON continued his unreal hot streak that begun late against Oklahoma in Morgantown. This is fun.

However, not all is fun in the Phog...


This was a disappointing return to our problems from earlier in the season. We've been much better at closing off halves in our recent run of competence, but broke down again against KU. You can it a result of an immensely talented Kansas squad, but it was still a very disappointing end to a half wherein we fought really hard against a top team.

I've....I've got nothing for this. Never seen anything like it.


We've managed to get within two at this point. It's really nice to see the way that mainstream media has gotten on board with the improvement of this team. We may not make the tournament this year, but we're turning heads nonetheless. This will matter: we should be recognized next year in the pre-season polls. Not that it really matters, but it's nice to see a number by your name.

Yeah, it wasn't Terry's day.

He'll get his later, though.



83-69. A disappointing score that doesn't adequately represent the level at which WVU competed at during this game. NBA talent ran away with this late after WVU got it to a four point game with around five minutes remaining. The Jayhawks, however, were just too much.

Related: Vegas knows.

While it was a disappointing day in the Phog, WVU still had a chance to make some serious headaway in their inexplicable quest to make the NCAA tournament. Iowa State came to the Coliseum, and the Mountaineers were ready.

/makes sure my pants are securely fastened before reliving this game.

Iowa State (2/12):

Let's do this.

I felt we should run plays to Terry immediately against ISU to get him going after the terrible day in Lawrence. Huggs complied with my wishes and young Terrence delivered. It was back and forth early, but it was pretty much all fun after this.

This was basically the one thing that didn't go WVU's way against the 'Clones. This could have been so much worse if ISU didn't have roughly seven trillion offensive boards.


This is why we won.

It really helps your bid to upset a top-15 team when they can't hit anything and you're a team of NBA Jam On Fire dot GIFs.


I don't do this often, but I'll give props to the WVU Student Section. They absolutely got into the head of DeAndre Kane. Completely threw a Big 12 PoY candidate off his game in a huge spot.

: )


(Good Guys 33-18 at this point. This is fun.)

This. Is. Awesome.

It's amazing to see how fun this team has gotten. Just a complete 180. They may not make the tournament, but they've restored faith in this program when many had started to lose it.

/PTSD sets in

(Thank god this didn't happen.)

That kind of night.

Juwan somehow misses a two-handed, breakaway dunk and we immediately get the ball back because of some sort of hilarity. Poor DeAndre Kane.

(Author's Note: I do not care about DeAndre Kane's feelings.)

/awaits letter from ISU student newspaper


That December-January stretch of near misses may end up killing this team, but it was always going to be a process to get us back where we needed to be. Even then, though, you could tell this team was significantly more willing to be actually coached by our Hall of Famer. They played as a team and competed. They never quite got there early on, but once they did, they continued to build and build on that foundation.

Huggs said he would fix it. He did.

I won't rattle on about this, it's been done to death.

In the end, they got it right. The problem is somehow missing the kick that set off this series of events that lead to Eron's (correct) ejection.


Yeah, this was a whole lot of fun.

Tyrone Hughes scored on Iowa State.

I claimed last time that if the 'Eers were to go 1-1 against KU and Iowa State, they'd make the tournament. I'm going to stay firm behind my prediction. I think they will. 18/19 is the magic number area, in my opinion and we're now at 15. This team is capable of doing that. I never thought I'd say it, but I really believe it.

Next up was a trip to Texas against the Longhorns, and a shot to really solidify our tournament stock.

This went poorly.

Texas (2/15):

Obligatory #America. I'll be honest: I didn't watch this game because LOL, Texas.

I am not alone.

Thanks, DeLoss.


(There weren't many.)

/inhales sharply


Seriously, the only way this could have been worse is if we had lost Eron for an extended period of time. Bullet, dodged.

This was the exact same game as last time. Completely. Texas is a match-up nightmare for this year's West Virginia.

I'm not going to rehash this much and just try to make a point at the end, but carry on with me here for a little bit.

It was one of those types of games.

I hate those types of games.



Sounds pretty much on point.

Moving along.

There's really not much to say about this game. WVU dies. Just like last time. A 46-14 advantage in points in the paint for the Longhorns. It'll sound like a broken record, but it's a match-up nightmare. More than any other I've seen with the Mountaineers this season.

That being said, I'm going to get to the point I alluded to earlier: this is not the end of the world by any means. Losing to Texas is not going to kill our tournament hopes by any mean. What it does do, however, is set the stage for what we absolutely have to do.

(1) They've gotta beat TCU and Baylor. These are games that we absolutely cannot lose if we're going to make the Dance. That gives us 17 wins and a sweep over a competing bubble squad.

(2) They've gotta steal (at least) one from Kansas, Iowa State, and Oklahoma. KU and ISU are the big targets but a sweep of OU would be huge for our resume as well. One of these gets us to 18 which, honestly, could be the magic number. I'm an optimist.

(3) At this point, while we could possible sneak in with 18 wins, a win or (preferably) two in the Big 12 tournament would be the clincher. To this point - WE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT DRAW TEXAS. I'm more confident in this team's ability to beat Kansas on a (sorta) neutral court than I am that we can beat Texas.

So, there it is. I really think this team has the ability to pull it off. They're confident (despite this game), they're coachable, and they're talented. We've got this guys.


I'll be back on Saturday.

Until then, keep Tweeting and Let's Go Mountaineers!