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Big 12 Valentine's Day Cards

When you want that personal touch, who better than a Big 12 football coach to say it for you?

Sometimes it's hard for men to find the words that really express how much we love a woman that loves football. College football to be more precise. The ones that lay on the couch and watch with you all Saturday no matter how nice the weather is or how much they want to do something. The ones that understand why you drink one more beer than you should have after a loss. They're keepers, and what better way to say I love you than with the coach of your favorite team?


Dana's got game because he's straight up honest about what he likes. If that's you, this card says it all. No matter how kinky it gets.


This card is guaranteed to work at least once.


Art Briles is amazing in so many ways. Let your Lady Bear know she is too. Nothing says forever until Texas comes calling again like a personalized message from the man himself.


...than you used to be. It wouldn't fit on the card. Seriously, say that.


You haven't expressed your love until you go Kliff smooth. Being around while your lady dreams about him isn't a bad thing. It's better if you like role playing.


Tell her you're a man and mean it this time.


Just when you think you know Bill Snyder...but sometimes, that's how babies are made.


Who's got two thumbs and is glad to be out of Louisville? This guy for obvious reasons.



Don't go changing, Charlie. Ever.


If this doesn't make panties explode in Fort Worth, nothing will.