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The Smoking Musket College Pick 'Em Gauntlet Week 14 Results, Plus Staff Predictions For Arizona vs. Oregon

It's the last week of the contest. Check the standings & get your final picks in. Plus, you can see how the staff thinks Friday's Oregon/Arizona game will go.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The contest and overall lead is held by wvpark, while SmithFire13 and John Radcliff make strong moves to really make the staff contest interesting.

Here are the top eleven (with ties) going into the last week:

overall 14 2014

Here is the Week 14 breakdown:

week 14 2014

Official Rules (PDF document link)

Our game, as in the past, will be hosted by Yahoo! Fantasy. GAME LINK

Group Name: The Smoking Musket

Group ID: 10575

Group password: westbygod

We have 13 games to pick this week, starting with Friday at 7 pm ET. Make sure you at least have your tie breakers in by then. Deadline for each game pick is 5 minutes before kickoff.

Here are the staff predictions for the Pac-12 Championship game between Arizona & Oregon (in Gauntlet ranking order with total score in parentheses):

Editor's note: We chose the Oregon/Arizona game because it's the one we felt would be the most competitive of this week's games. We are still very much Big 12 loud and proud.

SmithFire13 (152)


JPFanshawe (150)

Arizona 13, Oregon 9
Arizona 34, Oregon 31

JohnRadcliff (151)

AU 34 OU 20

Using the mascot battle logic, Arizona leaves a pile of feathers at midfield.

WVUIE97 (145)

Oregon learns to duck (pun fully intended) the second time around...just like Simba.

WVUfanMG (137)

Oregon 42 Arizona 24

Oregon proves too much for Rich Rod's Arizona and trounces the Wildcats. Afterwards, Rodriguez decides to leave yet another team prior to their bowl game to return to Michigan where tears are shed over a viewing of the Lion King. It's the last job he'll ever take, cross his heart!

D White (130)

Oregon 52, Arizona 20

The Ducks dominate on their way to the playoff, and are joined by Alabama, TCU, and Baylor after FSU and Ohio State both go down.

sbwvu1 (117)

Oregon 38 Arizona 31

Oregon solves Casteel and the 3-3-5, but still has to survive a shootout with the game Wildcats. Oregon clinches the game on a late touchdown drive engineered by Marcus Mariota who wills the Ducks to the win, and himself to the Heisman.

Abpriddy (49)

Oregon 44, Arizona 33

Oregon seems to be peaking and while Rich Rod has done a great job at Arizona, I don't seem them ready to beat Oregon twice in the same year. Quack kills.