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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Recruiting: What You May Have Missed (12/3/14)

The Mountaineers may be experiencing the calm before the storm right now.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Iowa State win was a big one to help inject a little air in the Mountaineers' tires, which have been flat the past few games. Momentum surrounding the football program always affects recruiting, and that win could be key in ensuring the continued commitments of our current recruiting class. Right now that is what WVU needs to focus on the most; to just keep holding everything together. The ISU win highlighted a lot of the future potential of the program (more young faces, etc.) which was great, but the three game slide before that may have hurt our chances with a few of the more big name prospects considering their options. Louisville has been making a lot of positive noise around their program lately and their recruiting grounds have traditionally overlapped with WVU's, which could spell trouble.

It's not over till its over, and WVU still has plenty of time to reel in some more prospects. That being said, to land the marquee players we might need a strong showing in a bowl game which could generate a lot of excitement about the direction of the program. The program is undoubtedly in the right direction regardless of how the year finishes, but I think that more than anything will prevent any commits from flipping or wavering in their pledges as well as bring in new recruits. While I know it's been harped on, the class and its 23 players should be considered a success if it finishes with no additions.

Knowing the staff though I would expect a few more surprises, probably the way of JUCOs, under-the-radar players, or transfers. There has been a bit of attrition of late and if more spots open up then it is a safe bet that the staff plans on filling those spots. Other than that recruiting is still quiet in most regards, with no major changes happening. A few players being recruited have seemed to waver away from WVU, but that is not unexpected when visiting/being recruited by other programs constantly. The class itself has held together strong and the major focus right now has to be making sure these kids are getting their ducks in a row and will be making it on campus (e.g. Tyrek Cole...), though hopefully the large majority will. The time is almost at hand though and many things will start becoming clearer as February creeps closer and closer.