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WVU - Wofford Preview: This Game Is Important... Seriously

The #18 West Virginia Mountaineer basketball team comes back home to take on the Wofford Terriers on Monday at 7:30PM ET.

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Game Preview

Four months ago, I was asking Mike Casazza what the hell is going on with the Mountaineer basketball program. It looked awful. Multiple mutinies, swirling rumors, and some of the worst performances on the court that we've seen as a fan base in a very long time. Now, this 2014-2015 team has three RPI Top 100 wins and they were a possession away from a Top 25 victory at home. WVU's resume isn't exactly stellar so far, but damn... what a turn around.

That's enough back-patting. Wofford is actually good and the Mountaineers need to play for real to get the win tonight. The Terriers knocked off that same NC State team in Raleigh a week ago and have been dumptrucking all of the smaller schools on their schedule. The key behind the way they play is that they are a true team. Tough defensively, point manufacturing is spread around evenly, and they shoot well. This team is no joke and a win tonight will actually mean much more on the NCAA resume than Saturday night does.

Prediction: WVU 73, Wofford 70