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WVU Football Recruiting Update (12/18/14)

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The updates are going to be moving to Monday going forward, so look for a more detailed rundown of the recent recruiting activities. But here are some quick hits for now!

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Staffing changes have definitely been the talk this week, but recruiting has been active as well.  Here are some quick hits on the recent movements.

  • Rasul Douglas has committed to the Mountaineers, giving a huge boost to the potential of next year's secondary.
  • Issac Whitney will be announcing his collegiate decision later on today, keep your ears open for that.
  • Larry Jefferson and Xavier Pegues are locked in as Mountaineers and are doing some great recruiting via Twitter. Seems like they had words for Rasul and now have been talking a lot with Isaac...hopefully we see a trend in their decisions.
  • Robert Landers flipped to Ohio State, which is a huge loss. He is definitely a strong college prospect at a position we struggle to recruit traditionally.

The current class stands at 25 players at the moment. It should be a fun month or so to cover as we lead up to signing day. Sorry for the briefness, see you next week!