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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Recruiting: What You May Have Missed (12/10/14)

A few quick hits on some recent recruiting activity.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After a lull, there was a quick flurry of activity in the Mountaineer recruiting world. A few of the commits (one in particular) may be wavering, a big-time decision could be around the corner, and a few other names are still in play. Chiefly among those other names is Jordan Cronkrite, who will be visiting a few name-brand programs in the coming weeks which will give the Mountaineers heavy competition. WVU is still definitely in the mix, but a decision is a long time off still and that gives plenty of other schools chances to make and impression.

A couple commits may potentially be wavering, but nothing to cause a panic over. Kevin Williams recently visited Indiana and seems to have an interest that is reciprocated. Well their coaching staff seems to be following him on twitter heavily at least . He still remains committed and speaks highly of West Virginia and follows the program's activities, but there is a lot of competition in the secondary right now and he may be checking out options with a better chance of early playing time.

Speaking of competition in the secondary, Rasul Douglas, the 6'3" JUCO CB, should have a decision made soon and the Mountaineers are right in the think of it. Rasul would be an immediate impact player and is one of the staff's top targets at this point. Douglas across from Worley would also give the Mountaineers one of the tallest corner combos around. There is stiff competition from other program, especially Louisville, and it could come down to the wire. However he has been re-tweeting some articles regarding the early playing time he would get at WVU, so hopefully he isn't giving me false and actually wants to head to Morgantown and earn a starting spot.  Stay tuned on this one.